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Israel Phone/SIM Card Rentals Frequently Asked Questions
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1. What are the rates? How much does it cost?

Download the latest rate sheet for a full breakdown of all rental options and costs.

2. How much time does it take to get the phone/SIM in your store?

Renting a phone or SIM card at the Judaica House, on average, takes 5 to 15 minutes. Actual time will depend on how busy we are.

3. When renting a phone, what information do you require?

Your billing address, a valid email address, your arrival and departure dates and a valid credit card number. It's that easy!

4. Do you always have Israel phones and SIM cards available for pickup?

Yes. If you wish, you may call and ask about our stock level 3-4 days before you plan on coming in.

5. When do I receive the phone?

You will receive a SIM card (or Flip Phone) in our store as soon as all of your information has been filled out.

6. What does a Flip Phone come with? Do I get a charger?

Included in the package are the following items:
  (1) Fully charged cell-phone
  (1) Wall charger/adapter

7. How do I call the US from my phone?

Simply dial 001 + area code + phone number.

8. How can I be reached from the US and what is the cost to the calling party?

When calling from the United States, dial 011 + 972 + 52 + the last seven digits. Cost to the calling party will depend on what type of international calling plan they have (if any).
NOTE If you also rented a virtual American number, people calling you from the United States can dial your regular American number which will forward to your phone in Israel at no cost to the calling party.

9. Is there a charge for a virtual American number?

Yes. There is a $1.00/day charge for a virtual American number.

10. What do I do if I have a problem with the phone in Israel?

You may contact TalkAbroad's customer service daily, except Friday, between the hours of 9:00 AM and 12:00 PM.

11. When and how will I be charged for the phone?

You will be charged when you rent a SIM card or Flip Phone based on current rates and duration of rental.

12. How soon do I need to return the phone?

After returning to the United States, you have 7 days to return your phone(s) to the Judaica House. After 7 days late fees will begin to accrue.

13. What do I do if it becomes necessary for me to change the dates of my trip?

You can email us at any time before, or during, your trip, if you need to revise the dates of your trip.

14. Do your SIM cards work with all smart phones?

Our SIM cards work with most iPhones and Android phones provided that they are unlocked! If you are not sure whether your phone is unlocked, check with your carrier prior to coming in.

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