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Shlock Rock For Kids Vol 1  
ID/ISBN: 0314470085
Publisher: Sameach
Shlock Rock For Kids Vol 1

CD. 30 songs:

  1. Modeh Ani
  2. We'll be Kissing the Mezuzah
  3. Avraham
  4. Sara
  5. The 12 Shvatim
  6. Old Man Noah
  7. There Are Twelve Months
  8. This Bracha
  9. Sing a Song of Tzedaka
  10. Ivrit Zeh Bishvili
  11. Let's do a Mitzvah
  12. My Bobbi
  13. Chamisha Chumshei Torah
  14. If Your Proud
  15. Yisrael Is Our Land
  16. Do You Know the Matzah Man
  17. Will Pharoah Say Farewell
  18. Sefirah
  19. Ima Lights
  20. When We Make Kiddush
  21. Oh When the Jews
  22. We Read the Torah
  23. Have You Ever
  24. Skip to the Lake
  25. Lulav
  26. Here We Go
  27. L-a-t-k-e
  28. Bang Goes the Grager
  29. Aleph Bet Rap
  30. Say Shema
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