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Melting Pot: Embarking on Israel's Seventh Decade with Spiritual & Savory Servings  
ID/ISBN: 039000021258
Melting Pot: Embarking on Israel's Seventh Decade with Spiritual & Savory Servings Discounts Apply !
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by Dafi Forer Kremer

In the Ethics of the Fathers, Rabbi Shimon says: "Three who eat together and speak words of Torah, it is as if they had eaten at God's table." A brand new book, launched this week in Israel, brings together food and Torah, giving its readers the opportunity to share their meal with the Divine presence. Melting Pot, written to honour the State of Israel during its 60th year, reflects the many Jewish voices and tastes from Israel and all over the world. There is a recipe to match each week's Torah portion - with an additional chapter for other Jewish and Israeli festivals - combined with a specially-written article by leading educators in the Jewish world. For example, Chief Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks' commentary is paired with a recipe for Kubaneh, a sweet Yemenite bread, thus combining the spiritual excellence of Britain with the cultural flavours of the Middle East.


"You might describe Dafi Forer Kremer’s “Melting Pot” as “post-Susie Fishbein.” Far more than a kosher cookbook with artistic layout and photography, this volume was designed for the Shabbat table and the coffee table as well as the kitchen table.

Conceived as a tribute to global Jewish cuisine in the melting pot of Israel on its 60th anniversary, the book boasts a unique structure, paralleling the Five Books of Moses. There is a recipe to match each week’s Torah portion, along with an original essay on the portion written by a well-known Jewish educator or food writer."

-- Abigail Klein Leichman, The Jewish Standard, 4, 2009

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