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Jerusalem Step by Step- The Best Guided Walking Tours  
ID/ISBN: 055400000051
Jerusalem Step by Step- The Best Guided Walking Tours

Dr. Batya & Avigdor Kornboim

Dear Traveler,

You are about to embark upon one of the world s most challenging adventures. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to take on the world's holiest and most exciting city - and enjoy it.

What with its 3,000 years of history behind, 24 layers of archeology below and three religions struggling for dominance on its alleys, taking on Jerusalem on your own is no easy feat.
The complexity of the task is overwhelming. The views are dramatic. Breathtaking. The diversity of the culture - impossible. You will need all the help you can get, which is why we have put together for you the Jerusalem Step by Step guidebook.

At first, you may be surprised by its look, since it's actually a binder containing separate booklets. Take one out and the ingenuity of it all will hit you in a flash: each booklet features a detailed guided walking tour, complete with a map. With its elegant graphic design and journalistic writing style, it makes for an entertaining yet in-depth read.

You will be personally briefed and guided by professional guides, six storytellers, an architect and an archeologist, three clergymen, an historian, many restaurateurs, plain old gluttons and even some party animals.

If you like the practical sound of it, you may like it even better when you actually put it to the test.

Now it s in your hands. Go conquer Jerusalem.

Ring-bound.376 pages.

Price: $39.95


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