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Chapters of the Fathers  
ID/ISBN: 0873061829
Publisher: Feldheim
Chapters of the Fathers

Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch

A sample of Rabbi Hirsch's commentary on the saying "All Israel have a portion in the world to come" Denotes a two- fold future , one in the world to come, and one in this world. The future in the world to come is that bliss into which the soul of man enters when ,immediately after the death of the body, it departs from earth. The future in this world is the coming of the kingdom of felicity , perfection and peace which God will establish on earth; it is the final purpose of all human progress and development. " pp.2
Rabbi Hirsch provides deep insights into one of the fundamental works of Judaism.- Shalom Freedman

Hardcover. 117 Pages.

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