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Davening with the Rav: My Rabbi and My Rebbe  
ID/ISBN: 0881259357
Davening with the Rav: My Rabbi and My Rebbe

by Rabbi Mendi Gopin

From the back cover: Divided into three sections, this book is a history of a relationship between the Rav, and his student, the author. The relationship began with the author's bris, with the Rav holding his as the author entered the covenant of Abraham, and continued until the Rav's passing.

The relationship is warm, respectful and replete with Torah insights. It, above all, manifests some facets of the Rav's unique personality that not many of his students merited seeing. The Rav indeed was not only a Gadol Hador, but a greater-than-life personality.

Hardcover. 129 pages.

Price: $19.95


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