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Gutnick 5-Volume Set Chumash- Small Size  
ID/ISBN: 0972501002
Gutnick 5-Volume Set Chumash- Small Size

Rabbi Chaim Miller

Beautiful typesetting, incorporating a host of features on every page.
Modern English translation of the Torah faithful to Rashi.
Classic Commentary drawn from Rabbinic commentators, Midrash and Talmud.
Full Hebrew text of Rashi and Onkelos in crisp, clear type.
Separate running commentary based on the Rebbe's sichos at the level of Pshuto shel mikra.
Hundreds of Chassidic insights into Chumash from the Rebbe.
Explanation of the name of each Parsha according to the Rebbe's sichos.
Summary of Mitzvos found in each Parsha according to Sefer haChinnuch
Full text of Haftaros according to Minhag Chabad, with English Translation according to Metzudos.
Numerous Original Diagrams and Tables
Quality printing and a beautiful binding for decades of quality use.
Ribbon place-marker.
Ideal for all those wishing to study Chumash seriously, including:
Those wishing to study classic commentaries to the Chumash in English.
Those studying the Rebbe's sichos for the first time.
Teachers preparing classes.
Ideal companion to the study of Chitas. (Chumash Tehillim Tanya)
Shluchim and Rabbonim seeking material for Shiurim and Lectures.

Hardcover. 5-volume set.

Price: $109.95


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