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Paul Zim- It's Good to be Jewish  
ID/ISBN: 098865121503
Publisher: Sameach
Paul Zim- It's Good to be Jewish

Paul Zim

This wonderful 18-song recording will instill a positive emotional connection for the young child with Judaism and will foster feelings of Jewish pride and joy as the children grow to become spiritual adults. Featured are the inspirational songs "I Give Tzedakah" and "Vihyeh Shalom." (Approximately 45 minutes, lyrics included.)

1. It's Good to be Jewish and I Like It!
2. There Was a Little Man
3. Chazak
4. I Made a Little Challah
5. We Sing Shabbat, We Sing Shalom
6. Menucha - It's Quiet Time
7. Tapuach
8. A Latke is a Pancake / The Purim Song
9. The Macaroon Song
10. The Hebrew Alphabet
11. Hebrew Can Be Fun
12. Honor Your Father and Mother
13. I Give Tzedakah
14. Achshav
15. The Peace Song
16. Yihyeh Shalom
17. Wherever You Go
18. It's Good (Fun) to be Jewish and I Like It! (Reprise)


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