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Paul Zim's Passover Seder Sing-A-Long  
ID/ISBN: 098865403920
Publisher: Sameach
Paul Zim's Passover Seder Sing-A-Long

Paul Zim

Popular Jewish singer Paul Zim, accompanied by a children's chorus, sings twenty of the most popular Passover songs.  The whole family can sing-a-long and share the Passover experience.  Songs include: Dayenu, MaNishtana, Chad Gadya, Eliyahu Hanavi and many more.

CD. 21 songs:

Kadeish Urchatz


Ma Nishtana

Avadim Hayeenu

Baruch Hamakom

V'hee Sheamda

Ten Plagues (Eser Makot)


V'nomar L'fanav


Grace After Meal Highlights

Eliyahu Hanavi

Kol Rina and Pitchu Li

Karev Yom

Ki Lo Naeh

Chasal Sidur PesachAirH

Echad Mi YodeiahChad Gadya

L'shana Habbah

Biy'rushalayim Habnuyah

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