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Torah Anthology Vol. 18: Deuteronomy (Laws & Warnings)  
Torah Anthology Vol. 18: Deuteronomy (Laws & Warnings)

Rabbi Shmuel Yersushalmi

Portions of Ki Tetze, Ki Tavo .
No parasha in the Torah contains as many mitzvot as Ki Tetze - 68. One of them (which is explained here) is the "strange" mitzvah of sending away a mother bird when taking the eggs from her nest. By contrast, the parasha which follows, Ki Tavo, gives a detailed account of what will happen if we do not follow the spiritual path in life : disease, famine, conquest by enemies after a painful siege, exile. These two parshiyot present the twin poles of Jewish teachings: reward and punishment. Together with MeAm Loez unique combination of comments from Talmud, Midrash and later authorities, they form an immensely readable introduction to some of the very basic elements of Torah.

Hardcover. 203 pages.

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