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Treasures of the Fathers  
Treasures of the Fathers

Rabbi Aron Asher Wolinetz

The work, an outgrowth of the many years of teaching Pirkei Avos, is written in a simple, pleasing style worthy of its subject.
The author, Rabbi Aharon Asher Wolinetz, completed the study of the entire Talmud by the age of fourteen. He developed a deep love for both the study of Torah and the transmission of its thoughts and values. Commentaries on the Chumash, the Book of Ruth on Prayers and Shabbos are among some of his other writings.
Rav Aharon's motivation for writing was to fulfill the obligation of "Anyone to whom a Torah idea was revealed, and he has the ability to write it, but fails to do so, it is as if he had stolen it from the one who revealed it to him...
Now enhanced with superb English translation, this edition makes a wonderful teaching tool available for those who wish to continue in the great tradition of passing our heritage.
The addition of the "Tomer Aharon" glossary, giving short biographies of those scholars mentioned in the Pirkei Avos, makes this work an even more valuable reference book.

Hardcover. 406 pages.

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