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“Peace” Mezuzah  
ID/ISBN: 1450257
“Peace” Mezuzah

By Seeka

This airy Mezuzah features the Dove of Peace dwelling atop of a rustic ladder in a little cheerful tree house overlooking a land of plenty. The Hebrew word “Shalom” – Peace is written above. Hand painting, followed by a variety of materials meticulously arranged inside the delicately cut stainless steel frame finish this beautiful Mezuzah case. Included are mounting screws or nails, and placement instructions. Our Mezuzah cases can also be mounted outdoors , preferably under an overhang.

Case only. To purchase a kosher, hand-written parchment, see below:



The word "MEZUZAH", technically means a "doorpost". It also refers to a hand-written parchment that is inserted in a protective holder (mezuzah case) and attached to the doorposts of a Jewish home. The Judaica House sells mezuzoth (parchments) that are hand-written in accordance with halachah (Jewish law) by a qualified scribe, known as a "Sofer". All of the parchments sold by The Judaica House have passed a rigorous check by תקון סופרים, a division of משמרת סת"ם, and have also passed a computer check. If you would like to purchase a parchment click here.


Price: $119.00


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