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Through the Flames of Aleppo  
ID/ISBN: 1578195381
Publisher: ArtScroll Mesorah
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A. Shalom

The times are wonderful and dangerous. The United Nations has voted to create a Jewish state in Eretz Yisrael, and the Jewish community in Aleppo, Syria is plunged into mortal danger. Everywhere the Arabs are filled with hate, and the outnumbered Jews are at their mercy.
Ezra is a youngster who is devoted to his family and the Torah — but he is no match for the mobs. He goes to the yeshivah — and comes under attack as a stone comes smashing through the window and strikes his teacher.
His flight back home is frightening, blood-curdling — but then his adventure is just beginning.
His beloved mother and her unborn baby need help — and only Ezra can summon it. Back into the streets he must go. His heart is pounding, danger lurks around every corner — but he must go; he must succeed. His loving father knows that two lives are in Ezra’s hands — and he responds like a hero five times his age.
Turn the pages and join the Jews of Aleppo in a thrilling adventure. This is a historical novel for young people, but all ages will enjoy it. A. Shalom, a new ArtScroll author, brings Ezra’s adventure to life. We’ll feel that we are there!
This is a fine adventure story for the whole family. Don’t miss it.

Hardcover. 104 pages. Reading level: ages 8-12

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