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Rabbi Frand On the Parashah  
ID/ISBN: 1578195942
Publisher: ArtScroll Mesorah
Rabbi Frand On the Parashah

Rabbi Yissocher Frand

Rabbi Yissocher Frand is one of the Torah world’s most popular speakers — teacher is a better word — because of his remarkable blend of content, humor, eloquence, passion, and sensitivity. His lectures are standing-room-only events and his cassettes are listened to over and over again, and passed on to friends. He is also a rosh yeshivah of note, in Yeshiva Ner Israel of Baltimore, whose regular analyses of Talmudic and halachic subjects have earned him a wide following.

This new book is filled with the master’s comments on the weekly parashah, and as such it will enliven many a Shabbos table and new pleasures to free moments in the synagogue and elsewhere.

Rabbi Frand’s insights hit home, his stories elicit admiration and smiles, his concern for his listeners draws them to him like a magnet. Not many speakers can transmit the spoken word to paper without losing their effect. Rabbi Frand does it with amazing and gratifying success.

In this book, he brings all his talents to play. His previous best-sellers included essays on topics of interest in people’s everyday lives. In his new book, he turns his attention to the weekly Torah readings. Astutely, profoundly, wittily, he interprets and expounds. His primary interest, of course, is an understanding of the Torah, but a man of Rabbi Frand’s scholarship and sensitivity inevitably focuses on how we can apply the teachings of the Torah to our everyday lives. So this book presents us with an abundance of riches: food for the mind, food for the heart, a road map for life, and a way to view events through the lens of the Torah.

The weekly Torah readings will be immeasurably enriched by Rabbi Frand’s well-reasoned, solidly constructed presentations. This book is a pleasure to read — and its many messages will remain with the reader long after it is put down.

Hardcover. 304 pages.

Price: $24.99


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