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Esther's Plea: [Kitvuni le-dorot] (Master the midrash series)  
ID/ISBN: 1877650013
Esther's Plea: [Kitvuni le-dorot] (Master the midrash series)

Nachman Cohen

Queen Esther asked the Rabbis to canonize Megilat Esther. R. Eliezer of Modi'in, uncle of Bar Kokhba, claimed that her wish had been granted. R. Yehoshua, who was given permission by Emperor Hadrian to build the Third Temple, disagreed. What led these rabbis to rethink a decision resolved 400 years before?

o answer this question, this sefer explores the differing outlooks these rabbis had towards history, kabbalah, zealotry, the ancient Israelites, faith, the work ethic, and political activism. Their tribulations give hisrotical perspective to some of the most vexing problems of our era.

Hardcover. 135 pages.

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