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ID/ISBN: 635669078123
Publisher: Sameach

Produced by: Gorfinkel, Jordan. The sensational Kol Zimra entertainers present KidZimra, the first collection of preschool Jewish music that the whole family will enjoy. Sunny, funny, and lush with vocal harmony, KidZimra puts Bubbe-approved words to your favorite preschool songs - and introduces some great new songs from top Jewish childhood programs! KidZimra is the ultimate Jewish present, guaranteed to have kinderlach - and parents - learning and dancing! CD also includes 3 bonus activity tracks.

CD. 15 songs:

  1. Mitzvah Dance
  2. Matzah (Aye Aye Aye)
  3. Dinosaur Shabbos
  4. Mezuzah
  5. The Bracha Song
  6. Hot Kiddush
  7. Jewish and You Love It (Clap Your Hands)
  8. Big Torah
  9. Arba Minim
  10. Sing (Z'miros)
  11. Uncle Benny
  12. Chanukah Medley
  13. Bereishis Bara
  14. The Bar Mitzvah Song
  15. Chicken Soup Dance


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