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I've Got a Shabat Feeling!  
ID/ISBN: 639589001926
Publisher: Sameach
I've Got a Shabat Feeling!

CD. 28 songs:

    1 Shabbat Is Here
    2 Shabbat Shalom
    3 There's A Dinosuar
    4 Light The Candles
    5 Candle Blessing
    6 I've Got A Shabbat Feeling!
    7 L'cha Dodi
    8 Let's Make Soup
    9 Put A Chicken In A Pot
    10 Tzedakah
    11 Shabbat Shalom To You
    12 Fill Up The Kiddush Cup
    13 Wine Blessing (Kiddush)
    14 Oseh Shalom
    15 It's Shabbat And I Feel Good!
    16 Let's Set The Table
    17 This Braided Bread
    18 Challah For Shabbat
    19 Challah Blessing (Motzi)
    20 Heenay Ma Tov
    21 Listen And Do
    22 Torah, Torah
    23 Sally The Camel
    24 Do A Mitzvah
    25 David Melech
    26 Take A Moment
    27 Twinkle Kochavim
    28 Shalom Chaverim/Live On!

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