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Shabbat Hot Plate  
ID/ISBN: 7290005579783
Shabbat Hot Plate

Our Shabbat Hot Plates are made in Israel by Klass or IsraHeat. They have black metal surfaces, and a lamp that indicates when the plate is on. 

The hot plates are available in two sizes: Small (13" x  22") and Large  (18" x 28" which will fit on top of four burners on a standard 4-flame stove-top).

This product comes with a one year limited warranty from the manufacturer. You may purchase a one year extended warranty with our product replacement guarantee for $9.99.

Price: $0.00

Please Select Size: Large (+$69.95)
Small (+$41.95)
Would you like a 1 year warranty?: Yes (+$9.99)No

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Too hot....

Micah - 2/28/2011

The first time I used my new blech my cholent was literally burned to a crisp with ashes. This blech is too hot. And without a temperature control, you can't dial it down. Buy advisedly.

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