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Shalom Sesame Vol 3  
ID/ISBN: 737138130315
Shalom Sesame Vol 3

66 min.

Program 6
Chanukah - Celebrate the "Festival of Lights" as Jeremy Miller (Growing Pains) takes a trip down memory lane to the land of the Maccabees. Elsewhere Levana White hosts everyone's favourite game show, Dreidel of Fortune, and Moishe Oofnik cooks up delicious jellyfish doughnuts!

Program 7
Sing Around the Seasons - Whether it's fall, winter, spring, or summer - sing about the seasons in Israel with your favourite Sesame Street characters. Watch Moishe Oofnik recover from a terrible case of Spring/Aviv fever. Then hit the Palmachim beach for a thrilling episode of Rechov Sumsum World of Sports.

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