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Shalom Sesame Vol 5  
ID/ISBN: 737138130513
Shalom Sesame Vol 5

74 min.

Program 10
Passover - The afikoman has vanished and without it the SHALOM SESAME seder can never end. it's up to the courageous Jerusalem Jones (Sarah Jessica Parker) to leap into the story of Passover to solve the mystery - without getting flattened by the world's largest matzah ball.

Program 11
Kids Sing Israel - Join Kippi ben Kippod for an all-request musical trip through Israel. Sing along in English, Hebrew, and, yes, even "grouch." Watch B.B. King teach his guitar to play in Hebrew. And cover your ears when the grouch cousins Oscar and Moishe "sing" a lullaby duet.

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