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Rechov Sumsum: Meet Oofnik the Grouch  
ID/ISBN: 737138131114
Rechov Sumsum: Meet Oofnik the Grouch

All-new DVD from the Israeli version of Sesame Street in Hebrew now with English Subtitles! Moishe Oofnik, cousin of Oscar the Grouch of Sesame Street, lives in a garbage can. And kids love him. He's got great lessons to teach on independence and individuality. He always defends his right to be different, to like what other people hate, and hate what other people like. Oofnik entertains and educates as he tries to get along with his fellow Israeli puppets Abigail, Brosh, Noah, and Mahboud, and their human friends Gili, Tzachi, Irina, Gershon and Ibtisam. Includes three complete programs: * What to Do When You re Angry, in which Oofnik demonstrates how anxious and frustrated kids can relax. * Karambula, in which Oofnik tries to scare Abigail with words whose meanings she doesn t know. * The Dwarf and the Giant, in which Oofnik tries to be considerate and brings Abigail his favorite food stinky sardine jam. Plus, extra-funny bonus segments.

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