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Shlock Rock For Kids Vol 3  
ID/ISBN: 797253170320
Publisher: Sameach
Shlock Rock For Kids Vol 3

CD. 27 songs:

1. When I Say Boker Tov
2. Everyone I Meet
3. Abba Always
4. Adam Please
5. My Wife Sara
6. She had to Stare
7. Hakol Kol Yaakov
8. All the Signs
9. Yosef
10. Ezra and Nechamiah
11. The Al Hamichya Song
12. Two Sets of Dishes
13. We Want All the Jews
14. I Love My Shabbat
15. Apples and Honey
16. Aseret Yemey Teshuvah
17. Succah Hop
18. Oil in The Jug
19. Tu Bishvat Seder
20. Megillah for Sale
21. No More Bread
22. Chad Gadya
23. We Got The Torah
24. Trup
25. Breishit Again
26. Rosh Chodesh
27. Israel Rap
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