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Shlock Rock for Kids- Party Time!  
ID/ISBN: 797253443127
Publisher: Sameach
Shlock Rock for Kids- Party Time!

With music that will instill a love of Israel, boost self esteem through Jewish pride, with activities for each song using the Multiple Intelligences.

CD. 30 songs:

    Kneina Hora           
    Bein Adam Lechavero           
    The Ten Commandments           
    Oogah Oogah Medley           
    Tzedakah Song           
    The Parsha Song           
    U'Moshe Hikah Basela           
    What's on the Seder Plate           
    Lag BaOmer Song           
    Saleinu Al Kteifeinu           
    Ruth's Song           
    I Keep Kosher           
    Eretz Zavat Chalav           
    Three Times a Day           
    Everybody Say Amen           
    Eretz Yisroel Shelli           
    Shana Tova           
    Oh It's My Succah           
    Chanukah Medley           
    Crunchy Munchy Latkes           
    It's Jewish History           
    Tu Bishvat Medley           
    The Play           
    Don't forget to Bench           
    Purim Medley           
    Refuah Shlaimah           
    A Rap For Shabbat           
    When In Israel           
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