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Magnattach: Magnetic Switch & Outlet Cover  
ID/ISBN: 814231100077
Publisher: Shabbos Pro
Magnattach: Magnetic Switch & Outlet Cover

The Shabbos switch and outlet cover protector keeps closed lights closed, and open lights stay open.
The perfect way to avoid the "ooops... I accidentally shut the light on Shabbos!"

A built-in magnet attaches to switch screws, negating the need for screwdrivers or opening up your covers. No more ugly tape marks on your light switches and outlet covers- the Magnattach presents a safe and elegant way keep you covered.

Available in 2 styles:

  • Flat cover for modern, flat light switches and outlet covers
  • Convex cover for classic light switches
Price: $2.99

Style: Modern - Flat
Classic - Convex

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