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ShabboSwitch Refrigerator White  
ID/ISBN: 899402000103
Publisher: ShabbosSwitch
ShabboSwitch Refrigerator White

ShabboSwitch is an ingenious device that simplifies the weekly operation of turning kitchen appliance lights off and on both before and after Shabbos.

Permanently mounted next to the light switch, the ShabboSwitch utilizes a slider which extends to hold the light switch down, turning the light off before Shabbos. Returning the slider to the closed position after Shabbos ends allows the light to operate normally.

Package of 2- for both the freezer and refrigerator! 

You can schedule a reminder call to be received every Friday through a number provided on the back of the package.

Currently not available.  

Price: $29.95

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Friday reminder call...

R. Lazarus - 12/17/2010

I was told that I would be able to get a reminder call every Friday afternoon, but the phone number packaged with the switches is not in service. Also, by packaging these units as a pair, how can people with a 3 door (french) refrigerator get what they need without buying 4?

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