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Golden Jerusalem  
ID/ISBN: 9652292540
Publisher: Gefen
Golden Jerusalem

Menashe Har-El

Golden Jerusalem is a new and updated edition of Professor Menashe Har-El's well known book, This is Jerusalem. The current volume draws attention to new archeological discoveries, showcasing Professor Har-El's experienced approach, which has led to his many achievements and contributed a large number of findings in a variety of areas.

The uniqueness of this book is its emphasis on the interaction between man and the landscape of Jerusalem and its perceptive and extensive review of the capital's history and geography. In addition, the author focuses on the blend of material, cultural and spiritual creativity in the city, beginning with the Canaanite period, through the events of the First and Second Temple eras and continuing through the period of christian and moslem rule.

The book illustrates in great detail, both by means of new archeological findings and with the help of the model of the city on exhibit at Jerusalem's Holy Land Hotel, the continuous and profound intertwining of the Jewish people with the city of Jerusalem throughout the generations. Included are many maps, up to date photographs and illustrations.

Paperback. 320 pages.

Price: $21.95


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