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Journeys The Collected Stories  
ID/ISBN: 9657375061
Publisher: Feldheim
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Aryeh Mahr

Join Uncle Ari, Sender and Mordy as they travel back in time with Uncle Ari’s newest invention – a space-time inverter! In addition to The Trouble with Bavel, which was serialized in Hamodia newspaper, the , Journeys, collection includes two new adventures plus a bonus feature story. These riveting, adventure-filled comics give you the chance to both experience Jewish history and to learn traditional Jewish values. In The Trouble with Bavel you will journey to the days of the First Temple and Babylonian invasion of ancient Jerusalem; in Time After Time it becomes clear that cheating never pays; and in Now You See Me, Now You Don’t you will learn about the dangers of careless speech.

Hardcover. 64 pages. Reading level: ages 7-10

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