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Siddur Shema Koleinu - The Interactive Siddur for Children  
ID/ISBN: 9659100108
Publisher: Amit Sofer
Siddur Shema Koleinu - The Interactive Siddur for Children

An all-Hebrew interactive siddur that teaches some of the basic Tefillot that young children recite.

Each page is coded with a symbol. The child presses on a music board attached to the book and selects a symbol to hear a recording of that prayer. The recordings are beautifully sung by an Israeli child.

A wonderful tool for teaching prayers and for developing reading fluency.

 Available in both Sefardi and Ashkenazi pronunciation.

Price: $29.95


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great idea, but NOT educationally developed

Sarah - 4/23/2012

The book itself is a great idea, but it is not educationally developed, certainly not for small children:

- images are not educational for children
- there is little to no connection between the images and the text and the images, so that the child cannot make a connection between the picture and the particular prayers
- the Ashkenazi version is sung by a male, which is not suitable for young children as they prefer a women's voice or fellow children's voices
- the male voice is a very bad voice, not trained in music
- only a minority of the prayers are sung, the majority are grinded out in a repetitive and monotonous way, without any love or affection for the Jewish prayer;
- the instrumental music accompanying those very few prayers that are sung, is musically horrific, nothing sweet or beautiful about it.
- there is no volume control

In short: the concept is great, but a trained teacher with a music background would do this a lot better.

Not recommended for parents who want to raise their ch...

Fantastic but needs better volume control

noa zaken - 2/27/2011

I love this siddur my daughter uses it almost every day and knows all the included prayers by heart. I just wish there was better volume control. Otherwise I recommend this to everyone!

Interactive Siddur for kids

Brigitte Emmert - 6/11/2009

This is the best I have found! Such a wonderful way for children to learn. (Actually not a bad idea for beginning adult Hebrew learners as well) I have purchased this for one of my grandchildren and he loves it!

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