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Metsudah Pirkei Avos  
Publisher: Metsudah Publications
Metsudah Pirkei Avos

Rabbi Avrohom Davis

A New Translation and Anthology of Its Classical Commentaries

Pirkei Avos, the Wisdom of the Fathers, the most widely known of all the sixty three tractates of the Mishnah, is presented with clarity and authenticity. This sefer contains the classic thoughts on ethics and morality of the Talmudic era and has been one of the most popular sources of Hashkafa/moral philosophy throughout the ages. In an age where the ethics of modern society have been challenged and found wanting, the reaffirmation of the ethical and moral values of Pirkei Avos is essential. Metsudah Publications takes deep pride in presenting this edition of Pirkei Avos with its classic commentaries, selected and translated by Rabbi Avrohom Davis. The author has skillfully anthologized more than 40 basic commentaries and has written a perspective which reveals the profound insights of the Maharal's Derech Chaim, "Way of Life", his classic work on Pirkei Avos. With this publication, it is evident that a significant contribution has been made to the Jewish, English-speaking community. Metsudah Publications is confident that the reader of this sefer will discover a work encompassing a wide area of Torah knowledge blended together with a high degree of literary skill to successfully stimulate new interest in the timeless message of authentic Jewish tradition.

Hardcover. 230 pages.

Price: $16.95


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