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Gray Matter III: Exploring Contemporary Halachic Challenges  
ID/ISBN: 9780165230740
Gray Matter III: Exploring Contemporary Halachic Challenges

Rabbi Chaim Jachter selects topics of relevance and interest to contemporary Jews and in his characteristically clear and readable style comprehensively surveys the issues and the varying views of contemporary scholars.

A wide range of Halachic authorities are included in these broad studies. Instead of simply presenting the rules, Rabbi Jachter fully explains the sources of the Halacha from the Gemara, to the Rishonim and Acharonim and then to current rabbinic authorities. Rabbi Jachter has created a new style of Halachic literature which not only tells you what to do but allows readers to understand how and why great rabbis arrive at their conclusions.

Comprehensive yet clear, detailed yet easy to follow, this book belongs in the home and library of every thoughtful Jew.

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