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Simply Southern- With a Dash of Kosher Soul  
ID/ISBN: 9780615323206
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Wishing you could find a way to cook Southern comfort foods and make them kosher? Whet her it's ideas for entertaining, vegetarian recipes you need, or fun foods to make with your children, the mouthwatering recipes and beautiful photographs show what you can do in your own kitchen. This cookbook will solve those "what's for dinner?" requests you get each day. It also shares fascinating stories about Jewish life in the South. Inside, you'll find nearly 300 recipes from fabulous cooks who show you how to add kosher soul to Southern cooking. They wanted to find a way to share their passion for food and entertaining, while supporting an organization that above all others has held the Memphis Jewish community together. The school, the Margolin Hebrew Academy, is truly the heart of their community. It has educated three generations of Memphians and, by nurturing their children's souls, has enabled their Jewish traditions to thrive in the Bible Belt. There are Southern recipes turned kosher and kosher recipes turned Southern. To fully appreciate this book, you must understand: this is not an ordinary cookbook. Those looking for a list of recipes reflecting the latest trends from a certain city can look elsewhere. We do things a little differently down in Memphis. . The dishes in this book are heirlooms, passed down by oral tradition, printed in our school's weekly newsletter and emailed between best friends. These recipes provide personal glimpses into our vibrant community- a growing amalgam of Memphis families several generations strong, transplants from smaller Southern towns, and more recent emigrants from the North. They come from our community's heart, and we trust they will find a place in yours. It has taken us years to collect, test and retest, tweak and perfect these recipes. We are ready to share them with y'all; welcome into our simply Southern homes!

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