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Hebrew for Dummies  
ID/ISBN: 9780764554896
Hebrew for Dummies

Jill Suzanne Jacobs, MA

Product Description
Baruch HaBa! Welcome to Hebrew! In studying Hebrew, you're joining millions of other Hebrew speakers around the world. Its two centers are Israel (of course), and North America, which is home to many Hebrew newspapers, Hebrew-speaking camps and schools, and institutions. You're also speaking the Bible's original language and one of the most ancient languages still spoken today.

This book is a great place to start regardless of your motivation for picking up or dusting off your Hebrew skills. It won't make you fluent overnight (though wouldn't that be nice?) or turn you into a Biblical scholar, but Hebrew For Dummies can give you a solid Hebrew foundation – in both conversational Hebrew and the Hebrew of prayer, sacred texts, and holidays. Following this down-to-earth guide is a great way to

  • Communicate with your Israeli cousins
  • Better understand prayers and other sacred Jewish literature
  • Impress your Jewish in-laws

    With Hebrew For Dummies, you'll begin with the basics of the Hebrew language and then start building your everyday vocabulary. This easy-to-use book covers the following topics and more:

  • Tips to help you read Hebrew
  • Making sense of Hebrew syntax
  • Expressions for meeting and greeting
  • Making small talk
  • Vocabulary for cooking at home and dining out
  • Planning a trip to Israel
  • Figuring out Biblical Hebrew
  • Getting to know the Prayer Book
  • Going to a synagogue

    Remember that this book is only the beginning. You can pick up a language only through constant exposure and repetition. So listen to the CD that accompanies the book again and again. Be sure to practice, practice, and (you knew it was coming) practice. Go to places where you hear Hebrew, and speak Hebrew in your home and workplace – teach everyone you know your favorite Hebrew expressions. Before you know it, Hebrew will creep into your mind, soul, and heart. And you'll be speaking it night and day!

    From the Back Cover
    Covers common expressions, conversations, and cultural notes

    With this guide, you can return to your roots or create new ones

    Want to discover how to speak Hebrew? This easy-to-understand guide explains basic grammar and usage, covering everything from the alphabet and numbers to making small talk, planning a trip, and changing money. You’ll also discover the basics of Hebrew blessings and prayer, as well as the significance of the holy days.

    All this on the Audio CD

    • Pick up Hebrew the easy way –through actual conversations
    • Features dialogues by native Hebrew speakers
    • Allows you to hear Hebrew as it’s really spoken
    • Reinforces lessons from the book
  • Paperback. 384 pages.
    Price: $24.99


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