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Mr. Iceberg Teaches Hebrew for Beginners  
ID/ISBN: 9780874417852
Publisher: Behrman House
Mr. Iceberg Teaches Hebrew for Beginners

Mr. Iceberg, a friendly polar bear, takes students of all ages on an enchanting journey through the alef-bet. Using cartoons, games, and exciting computer animation, he teaches students to decode and write Hebrew. In this easy-to-navigate CD, students also learn the history of the Hebrew language and over 100 Hebrew words--including colors, fruits, vegetables, and items of clothing. Includes an 8-page easy User's Guide and a 64-page script writing workbook.

The program, which takes 20 to 30 hours to complete, consists of four parts: (1) Reading and Writing, (2) Games, (3) Vocabulary, and (4) the History of Hebrew.

  • Reading and Writing
    Mr. Iceberg teaches students to recognize and decode Hebrew vowels and letters-printed and cursive. Mr. Iceberg presents the letters in alphabetical order by means of illustrated key words (av for alef, bayit for bet, kova for vet). Students practice the letters and vowels in exercises in which they hear syllables or words said out loud, then click and drag the matching nameplate and "hang" it on the chalkboard.
  • Games
    Students perfect their decoding skills using four computer games that playfully review the letters and vowels they have learned in the "Reading and Writing" section. For example, in "Karaoke" students click on Mr. Iceberg's microphone to sing an alef-bet song with him. In "Shooting Gallery" students identify Hebrew letters and words by "shooting" at a target.
  • Vocabulary
    Students learn 100 vocabulary words, such as animals, members of the family, colors, fruits and vegetables, and parts of the body. For example, students learn the names of ten items of clothing as they "dress" Mr. Iceberg's polar bear children.
  • History
    Mr. Iceberg helps students discover the history of the Hebrew language by means of a 4-minute animation sequence and a game show quiz in which students click on a buzzer to give the correct answer (there's even applause in the background!). Students can also learn more about key players and events in the development of Hebrew, such as Eliezer Ben Yehuda, by clicking on one of 18 "more info" icons.


  • The student's activities and game results are recorded on a printable spreadsheet that provides an at-a-glance picture of student progress.
  • PC and Mac compatible
  • Technical support hotline directly to the creators of Mr. Iceberg: (773) 782-6543

Ages 6 and up.

Price: $49.95


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