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Capturing the Moon: Classic and Modern Jewish Tales  
ID/ISBN: 9780874418408
Publisher: Behrman House
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Rabbi Edward M. Feinstein

It is through stories that we express our hopes and our fears. Stories convey to others what is in our hearts, what we feel is the essence of our life experiences. They transmit our culture, inform our values, and educate our children. Stories have been essential to Jewish life from the time of the Bible itself, and they continue to hold a special place in our hearts today.
In this new collection of classic and modern folktales, Rabbi Edward M. Feinstein reminds us why stories are so important. Capturing the Moon brings together thirty-six beloved Jewish folktales in six thematic sections: What Really Matters in Life?, Doing What s Right, It s Up to You, Teachers and Friends, Hidden Truths, and The Miracle of Jewish Life. Each section explores Jewish experiences and values, and each story is followed by commentary and questions for thought or discussion.
In these pages you will discover how Yekel, the poverty-stricken Jew in The Treasure, dreams of riches for years, only to discover a treasure that s been under his feet all along. Dinah, in The Maccabees Sister, teaches us the importance of activism in such times of persecution. Other stories, such as The Knapsack, are poignant tributes to Jewish perseverance against all odds and the miracles that have made Jewish survival possible.
Those stories and the others in this collection will inspire and inform you, and prompt you to question and contemplate the big picture of your life. The perfect book for bedtime reading and group discussion alike, Capturing the Moon is sure to be a family favorite for generations.

Hardcover. 192 pages. Reading level: ages 9-12

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