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Community, Covenant and Commitment: Selected Letters and Communications  
ID/ISBN: 9780881258721
Community, Covenant and Commitment: Selected Letters and Communications

Community, Covenant and Commitment is the fourth volume in the series MeOtzar HoRav: Selected Writings of Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik. It includes more than seventy private and public letters written by the Rav -as Rabbi Soloveitchik was widely known-- as well as a number of detailed interviews conducted with him over the span of some forty years. These materials give us a further glimpse into the prodigious thought of this leader of American Orthodoxy in the crucial decades both prior to and following the Second World War. The volume is divided into sections focusing on critical areas in which rabbis as well as political, educational, and communal leaders turned to Rabbi Soloveitchik for guidance and insight. The topics addressed in this volume reflect the entire panoply of concerns that confronted the Orthodox and general Jewish community as its matured and grew in the hospitable setting of the American scene. Together with that, the rise of the modern State of Israel and the challenges that this posed became a focal point of the American Jewish community as well as of the thinking of the Rav. Topics include communal policy for Jewish adoption agencies, interfaith discussions with the Catholic Church, religious and theological attitudes to the State of Israel, interdenominational activities within the Jewish community, advanced Jewish education for young women, the training of learned and professional rabbis, as well as personal issues such as why Rabbi Soloveitchik never settled in Israel. The editor is Rabbi Nathaniel Helfgot, co-editor of the rabbinic journal Or-HaMizrach, published by the Religious Zionists of America, and author of Divrei Berakahah u-Moed.

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