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Abraham- Lessons for Our Time  
ID/ISBN: 9780967520209
Abraham- Lessons for Our Time

Rabbi Moshe Zauderer

In ABRAHAM: Lessons For Our Time, the author draws upon these classical sources to unlock the personality of this seminal figure in the history of mankind. The enigma of Jewish continuity, the value of seeking advice, contentment with one’s material wealth, dealing with family strife, and the power of religious devotion are a few of the timeless lessons that emerge from the biblical account of Abraham’s multifaceted life. The book’s twenty-eight lectures are based on the author’s Internet adult education course, Struggles and Achievements of Abraham the Patriarch, taught to several hundred students worldwide since 1997. The book incorporates a novel feature: salient teacher-student correspondence taken from the lively e-mail discussions between Rabbi Zauderer and course participants.

Hardcover. 254 pages.

Price: $24.95


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