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Genesis: The Untold Story  
ID/ISBN: 9780977962914
Genesis: The Untold Story

Lisa Aiken and Ira Michaels

Have you ever wondered...

How can we reconcile science with Genesis' account of Creation?

What really happened in the Garden of Eden?

If Abraham was so important in changing the way people relate to God, did other ancient people besides the Jews write about him?

What relevance do the stories in Genesis have for me?

The stories from Genesis are familiar to many of us from childhood, yet they seem dated or irrelevant to us in the 21st century. But what if we put aside our childhood perceptions and look at these stories with a more sophisticated eye?
Illuminating the stories of Genesis using traditional Jewish commentaries, history, science, and psychology, Genesis: The Untold Story finds in these stories a logical and mature view of a loving God and His plan for us. Tracing the Biblical narrative through the Book of Genesis, we find morals and spiritual lessons in events as large as Creation and as seemingly insignificant as an argument between two people.
Genesis: The Untold Story revisits passages we once dismissed as simplistic or irrelevant and shows us how they teach vital lessons about God and how best to connect to Him and to those around us. Its unique melding of factual knowledge with Biblical events leaves us with indispensable insights into our purpose in life and how we can get the most out of it.

Hardcover.  271 pages.

Price: $24.95


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