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Gemara Wisdom: Understanding the Ethics in Torah Law Bava Metzia  
ID/ISBN: 9781568714882
Gemara Wisdom: Understanding the Ethics in Torah Law Bava Metzia

Rabbi Haim Perlmutter

The apex of Jewish learning throughout the generations has been the study of Gemara. It is the cornerstone of scholarship, the conduit of the Torah's timeless wisdom. Gemara also contains the blueprint of a Torah society. In Gemara Wisdom, Rabbi Haim Perlmutter, author of the popular Tools for Tosafos and Grow with Gemara, gives us a glimpse of that blueprint.

Gemara Wisdom explores the core concepts of Bava Metzia, delving into their ethical and moral underpinnings. We look beneath the surface of the myriad laws and sometimes abstract concepts, and gain a deeper appreciation of the profundity of Torah. We examine the halachic issues and the reasoning behind the various opinions, and thereby obtain a vision of the type of society Hashem wants us to build.

Hardcover. 165 pages.

Price: $19.99


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