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Real Kids, Vol. 1  
ID/ISBN: 9781598262315
Publisher: Feldheim
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Chaim Walder

Reuven climbs the tree in his backyard, although his father has told him not to. A snake hidden in a bird's nest bites him. Now Reuven has two problems: a snake bite and the fact that he disobeyed his father Should he run home for help and tell his father what happened? Reuven doesn't know it yet, but his life depends on making the right decision...

Michal falls asleep on the bus on her way home and wakes up to find herself in a deserted bus depot outside the city far from her home, with no one there to help her...

Yisrael tries his hand as an amateur electrician and learns that electricity isn't all music and light, but has its dark side, too.

Dan and Yehoshua, play with a tractor and find themselves cruising downhill. With no other choice, they give themselves a crash course in driving...

Tami ventures a bit too far into the water and feels a powerful undertow dragging her out to sea. Her friends, playing happily near the shore, don't hear her cries for help...

In these pages, forty boys and girls share their biggest moments, the worst and the best, the scariest and the sweetest. As they tell their stories, they reveal their private thoughts and feelings, feelings that many readers may share. Best of all, they teach us what they've learned from their experiences.

Real Kids: Children Write about Their Lives is a new series, an offshoot of the best-selling Kids Speak series, which numbers five volumes and has been translated into eight languages.

Hardcover. 230 pages.

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