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New Jewish Cooking  
ID/ISBN: 9781904573449
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New Jewish Cooking is a truly groundbreaking recipe book for all lovers of kosher food – with recipes taken from the world-famous Bevis Marks The Restaurant (itself situated next to Britain’s oldest and best-loved synagogue) this is a book to break all expectations about Jewish food. Jason Prangnell’s stunning cuisine draws on both Sephardic and Ashkanazi traditions whilst at the same time pulling in modern British and European influences – Prangnell himself is a non-Jew that adds an extra freshness to his approach. His cuisine has the added benefits of being dairy-free (for kosher dietary reasons) and is hence perfect for all with lactose intolerance. A stunning restaurant recipe book that will be greeted with delight and pride by all in the Jewish community and those outside who love good food and honest flavors.


Hardcover. 192 pages.

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