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Kosher Lamp  
Publisher: Kosher Innovations
Kosher Lamp

What makes the KosherLamp so great?

Turn the light "on" and "off" on Shabbos, and read in bed Friday night! Unlike Shabbos clocks that go on and off at predetermined times, the KosherLamp can be "turned on" or "turned off" whenever you want, and the directed light won't disturb others!  Great for kids with different bedtimes, babies rooms, guest rooms, camps and hotel rooms!

The KosherLamp is a perfect gift for weddings, bar/bat  mitzvahs, engagements, and as a house-warming gift!

Available in the "MAX" design and the new, convenient Travel design that comes with its own converter that can be used in Europe and Israel!  Both have the same new, and brighter light output. 

Price: $39.95


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