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Tell Me the Story of the Parsha - Bamidbar  
Publisher: Veshinantam Levanecha
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Author: M. Klein

The Tell Me the Story parshah series has quickly become a favorite among children all over the world. We a pleased to present you with the fourth book on Sefer Bamidbar. In this delightful book, readers will learn about the forty years Bnai Yisroel spent in the Midbar under the leadership of the faithful shepherd - Moshe Rabbeinu. This book is charmingly written with young readers in mind. The beautiful illustrations that adorn the book contribute to its appealing design and enhance the reading experience.

Reading Level: Ages 4-9

Hardcover. 129 pages.

Dimensions: 12 x 8.5 inches


List Price: $52.95
Our Price: $47.66


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