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The Avail-A-Seat 2.0
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ID/ISBN: availaseat
The Avail-A-Seat 2.0

The New Avail-A-Seat 2.0 was designed specifically for use on Tisha B'av and Houses of Mourning. It is lightweight (weighs less than 3.5 lbs), sturdy (can accommodate up to 200 lbs!), folds up like an umbrella and comes with an adjustable shoulder strap for portability!  Great for children on camping trips too!

Although there are other small chairs on the market, non are as portable, lightweight, convenient, and when open, measure no more than 3 t’fachim high!

The perfect chair for Tisha B'Av, in a House of Mourning, and for camping!



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a piece of junk!!!

shindy - 7/19/2010

It BROKE when my husband was eating seudah hamafsekes in his brand new chair, we want our money back!!!! P.S. he only weighs 155 pounds!

go availaseat!

yaakov ber - 7/8/2010

you rock!

this is amazing.

Simply Amazing

David Kahn - 7/7/2010

I don't know if I should feel guilty for purchasing such a comfortable chair for Tisha bov. As a hefty guy, I am still comfortable on this small chair, and it wont take up extra space in the shul like all those beach chair (or even bulky pillows).

A must for everyone who goes to shul on tisha bov (i.e everyone)

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