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The Avail-A-Seat 2.0 Reviews for the product - The Avail-A-Seat 2.0 (Back to product)
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a piece of junk!!!

shindy - 7/19/2010

It BROKE when my husband was eating seudah hamafsekes in his brand new chair, we want our money back!!!! P.S. he only weighs 155 pounds!

go availaseat!

yaakov ber - 7/8/2010

you rock!

this is amazing.

Simply Amazing

David Kahn - 7/7/2010

I don't know if I should feel guilty for purchasing such a comfortable chair for Tisha bov. As a hefty guy, I am still comfortable on this small chair, and it wont take up extra space in the shul like all those beach chair (or even bulky pillows).

A must for everyone who goes to shul on tisha bov (i.e everyone)


Eyal Reich - 7/2/2010

Very well made. Overall I'm very happy

its nice for sitting on my porch :-)

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