The Judaica House offers a full selection of ketuboth!

The Judaica House offers a wide selection of artistic ketuboth to enhance your wedding experience! For that extra special touch, Personalize your ketubah with a Traditional, Conservative, Egalitarian or Anniversary text!

Artists include: Danny Azoulay, Simcha Back, Yosef Bar-Shalom, Stephanie Caplan, Mickie Caspi, Laya Crust, Amy Fagin, Patty Shaivitz Leve, Michelle Rummel, Karen Shain Shloss, Naomi Teplow, Betsey Platkin Teutsch, Goldie Silberberg, Leah Sosewitz, Amalya Nini, Yona Weinrib and many others!

For a full selection of personalized Ketuboth visit us today in Teaneck, NJ!